The First and ONLY Academic / Education Records Evaluation Company to be ISO 9001:2000 Certified


Academic & Credential Records Evaluation & Verification Service

An ISO 9001:2000 certified company

ISO 9001:2000
Certified Company

Evaluation Process

Phase I: Application Preparation

Step 1

Checklist of documents required:

  • All Original - transcripts/mark sheets
  • All Original - diplomas/degree certificates
  • Have you had a name change (e.g. due to marriage)? If yes, then proof of name change is required (e.g. copy of marriage certificate, etc)
  • Are your documents in any other language other than English. If yes, do you have an official English translation? Include it if you do.
  • For Immigration: work experience documentation is required
Step 2
Step 3

Send via certified/courier mail or personally bring the following:

  • All documents (in Step 1)
  • Completed Application Form (in Step 2)
  • The fee (based on services you requested)

Phase II: Application Receipt

Step 4
  • Upon receipt of your package, it is examined for completeness (initial review)
Step 5
  • A file number is assigned to your application and you are provided this number for future correspondence

Phase III: Evaluation Process

Step 6
  • The file is logged into the official system.
  • Evaluation staff with specialty in the country of origin is assigned to the file.
  • This staff once again reviews the file for completeness (you may receive a call/email during the evaluation process if there are questions or further documentation is required).
Step 7
  • Documents are examined for authenticity.
  • University/school issuing the diploma/degree and transcript/mark sheets may be contacted to verify that the documents submitted by the candidate are genuine and have not been tampered with.
  • If the documents are found to be forged/tampered with in any way, the documents will be confiscated, fee will not be returned and appropriate agencies/institutions will be notified.
Step 8
  • Research is conducted into the Colleges/Universities of study.
  • The year of study is reviewed.
  • The branch of study is evaluated.
  • Detail evaluation is done on the diploma/degree and transcript/mark sheets
Step 9
  • A first level Evaluation Report is prepared based on the research findings.
Step 10
  • An internal review is held on the findings.
  • Upon a successful review a final report is prepared.

Phase IV: Delivery of the Official Evaluation & Originals

Step 11
  • The final report is circulated to directors for sign-off
Step 12
  • Upon sign-off the Candidate is notified and the report is delivered. (note: certain agencies, e.g. California Board of Professional Accountancy, CPA, require us to mail 1 copy of the official report, along with some other documentation directly to them)
  • The report and the original documentation is either mailed back to the candidate or if the candidate requests can be picked up at one of our offices.
Time Duration
  • The normal evaluation process takes approximately 3 weeks after receipt of a complete documentation package. This duration is subject to change depending on factors such as: time required for verification from universities in home country, backlog, translation, additional authentication, etc.