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Academic & Credential Records Evaluation & Verification Service

An ISO 9001:2000 certified company

ISO 9001:2000
Certified Company


Description Fee($) Comments
Primary Services
A This offers a review of your education, institute(s) attended, examination of documentation, equivalency, and references used in evaluation. Price includes one "official sealed" copy printed on official tamper proof paper and one un-official copy for applicant’s records. 155  
B DETAILED EVALUATION: This does a course-by-course evaluation of all the subjects in the transcript/mark sheets. It identifies U.S. equivalent semester credit units, and grade.
This service is only offered along with Service code “A”.
95 1 service code B required for the first two degrees. Up to a maximum of 55 courses.
C GPA calculation (offered only with B) 35  
D Application Fee, for all applicants 35  
E High School (Higher Secondary, etc.), grade level placement Complete Evaluation 145  
Additional Services
G Extra Copy: “Official sealed”, printed on tamper proof official paper; ordered at time of initial evaluation 25 per copy
H Extra Copy: “Official sealed”, printed on tamper proof official paper; ordered after the completion of the evaluation; up to 7 years 35 per copy
I Return of documents/evaluation via Courier/Certified mail (U.S. only) 20  
J Return of documents/evaluation via Courier/Certified mail (for outside the U.S.) 60  
K Personal Consultation 55 Not offered at all locations. By appointment only
Rush Services (in addition to other services)

for Rush Service: all fees - Rush and other services, must be paid either in Cash, Cashier/Bank Check or Money Order. Day application submitted and day evaluation returned is not counted in # of days

M 1 day Rush service 245 Check at time of application on availability
N 2 days Rush Service 145 Check at time of application on availability
O 5 days Rush Service 85  
P 10 days Rush Service 45  
Profession Services
R Evaluation of Education for Immigration purposes (special rate for Attorneys) 115  
S Nursing Verification 65 Required only for Nursing Evaluation
Translation Services
T Translation of supporting documents (e.g. Diploma, degree Certificate, etc) (call/email for languages supported) 25  
U Translation of transcripts, mark sheets, up to 55 subjects/courses 95  
V Verification of Translation 50  
Secondary Services
X Revision of a prior Evaluation, based on new information 50 New degree(s), require re-evaluation
Y Minimum cancellation fee 60  

All currencies in U.S. dollars